P -Z
The Perfect Present - The Sentinel - Lila Kulp
A giftfic for Marianne's birthday. What do you get the Captain of Major Crimes for his birthday?
Secretary's Day - The Sentinel - Lila Kulp
Nobody messes with Rhonda, the secretary of the Major Crime department.
A Senseless Education - The Sentinel - Lila Kulp
It started as a challenge and a laugh, let's not forget the absolute hilarity of the list which breed this gem. (Lila is the ultimate Kulprit though)
A Shopping Trip - The Sentinel - Lila Kulp
A little drabble about shopping with Jim and Blair. 
Study Break - The Sentinel - Lila Kulp
It's FINALS Week and Jim arranges for a study break.
Whose Family - The Sentinel/Dr. Who - Enola Jones
It's amazing what can happen in the middle of the night.